Rhinoplasty in Sports

When Can I Do Sports After Rhinoplasty?

All sports should be resumed with caution and slowly increasing effort and time.

Cycling, motocross, swimming, weights, ping pong, and tennis can start monthly. It is estimated that after a month they have already closed the scars well enough to get into the water and make efforts. Before, wounds can become contaminated or chlorine in swimming pools can irritate.

When can I do contact sports

As for contact sports such as soccer, basketball, martial arts etc., they should wait two to three months, also volleyball for the possibility of receiving a direct hit with the ball.

When can I do sports: water ski or snow ski

Regarding water skiing or skiing in the snow, you must wait three months, because they are prone to trauma from falls. When skiing in the snow or walks in the snow, be very careful in post-operative open rhinoplasty since the flap of the nasal tip can suffer from the skin and present a necrosis or signs such as burning.

All patients undergo the pre-surgical examination for nose surgeries, which includes blood, urine and cardiology tests, as well as screening tests for transmitted diseases such as HIV, etc. In pregnancy doubts, detection tests for it. In patients with deviation and mainly secondary rhinoplasty with deviations, a nose X-ray is required, very complex cases an MRI.

To perform the pre-surgical exams, they must attend the laboratory on an empty stomach and depending on where they go, the same day we can obtain the results in virtual or physical form. Likewise, to operate them we must have the physical report of the results. Test results are the same day.